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Upcoming Guide on AI and Democracy

In the event you’ve been studying my weblog, you’ve observed that I’ve written loads about AI and democracy, largely with my co-author Nathan Sanders. I’m happy to announce that we’re writing a e-book on the subject.

This isn’t a e-book about deep fakes, or misinformation. It is a e-book about what occurs when AI writes legal guidelines, adjudicates disputes, audits bureaucratic actions, assists in political technique, and advises residents on what candidates and points to help. It’s a e-book that tries to look into what an AI-assisted democratic system may appear like, after which at find out how to finest be certain that we make use of the great components whereas avoiding the dangerous components.

That is what I talked about in my RSA Convention speech final month, which you’ll be able to each watch and browse. (You can even learn earlier makes an attempt at this concept.)

The e-book will likely be printed by MIT Press someday in fall 2025, with an open-access digital model obtainable a 12 months after that. (It actually can’t be printed earlier. Nothing printed this 12 months will rise above the noise of the US presidential election, and something printed subsequent spring must go to press with out figuring out the outcomes of that election.)

Proper now, the group of the e-book is in six components:

AI-Assisted Politicians
AI-Assisted Legislators
The AI-Assisted Administration
The AI-Assisted Authorized System
AI-Assisted Residents
Getting the Future We Need

It’s too early to share a extra detailed desk of contents, however I would really like assist interested by titles. Under are my present checklist of brainstorming concepts: each titles and subtitles. Please combine and match, or counsel your individual within the feedback. No thought is simply too far afield, as a result of something can spark extra concepts.


AI and Democracy
Democracy with AI
Democracy after AI
Democracy ex Machina
Democracy ex Machina
From Extra, Machine
Democracy and the Machines
Democracy with Machines
Constructing Democracy with Machines
Democracy within the Loop
We the Folks + AI
Synthetic Democracy
AI Enhanced Democracy
The State of AI
Citizen AI

Trusting the Bots
Trusting the Laptop
Trusting the Machine

The Finish of the Starting
Sharing Energy
Higher Run
Velocity, Scale, Scope, and Sophistication
The New Mannequin of Governance
Mannequin Citizen
Synthetic Individualism


How AI Upsets the Energy Balances of Democracy
Twenty (or So) Methods AI will Change Democracy
Reimagining Democracy for the Age of AI
Who Wins and Loses
How Democracy Thrives in an AI-Enhanced World
Making certain that AI Enhances Democracy and Doesn’t Destroy It
How AI Will Change Politics, Legislating, Paperwork, Courtrooms, and Residents
AI’s Transformation of Authorities, Citizenship, and Every little thing In-Between
Remaking Democracy, from Voting to Legislating to Ready in Line
The best way to Make Democracy Work for Folks in an AI Future
How AI Will Completely Reshape Democracies and Democratic Establishments
Who Wins and Loses when AI Governs
The best way to Win and Not Lose With AI as a Companion
AI’s Transformation of Democracy, for Higher and for Worse
How AI Can Enhance Society and Not Destroy It
How AI Can Enhance Society and Not Subvert It
Of the Folks, for the Folks, with a Entire lot of AI
How AI Will Reshape Democracy
How the AI Revolution Will Reshape Democracy


Imagining a Thriving Democracy within the Age of AI: How Know-how Enhances Democratic Beliefs and Nurtures a Society that Serves its Folks

Making Mannequin Residents: The best way to Put AI to Use to Assist Democracy
Modeling Citizenship: Who Wins and Who Loses when AI Transforms Democracy
A Mannequin for Authorities: Democracy with AI, and The best way to Make it Work for Us

AI of, By, and for the Folks: How Synthetic Intelligence will reshape Democracy
The (AI) Political Revolution: Velocity, Scale, Scope, Sophistication, and our Democracy
Velocity, Scale, Scope, Sophistication: The AI Democratic Revolution
The Synthetic Political Revolution: X Methods AI will Change Democracy…Eternally

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